October 14 thesis meeting

Today, I turned in my literature review (so far). You can download a PDF of my lit review here.

Stacie and I discussed the survey that I sent out last week, and also the journals that I’m planning to send out this weekend. We also discussed gathering artifacts for next week’s meeting that focus on information design. I would like to try to focus on information design that raises awareness of environmental and/or social issues. I’d also like to include artifacts of environmental campaigns. I’m planning to print thumbnails of the artifacts, which I’ll use to sort and map in various ways. I hope this will help me to gain inspiration and also see where there are trends and holes within this area of design.

My goals for the next week:

  1. Close survey and begin analyzing the results
  2. Send out journals
  3. Gather a robust amount of artifacts
  4. Begin mapping, rearranging, and sorting the artifacts
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