October 21 thesis meeting

This week, we had our group meeting. We brought in artifacts that we’d been collecting. I showed The Board, on which I’d been trying to map more than 50 pieces of information design or campaigns dealing with environmental and social issues.

Vertical axis: representative (top) vs. abstract (bottom). Horizontal axis: passive (left) vs. interactive (right).

Vertical axis: representative (top) vs. abstract (bottom). Horizontal axis: neutral (left) vs. emotional (right).

I feel that so far, my mapping has not been very successful; everything is sort of dumped on The Board. Stacie and my co-students had some suggestions for improvement:

  1. include definitions of the axes
  2. try doing it on the computer so that you can layer items on top of one another, in relation to the axis, not each other
  3. consolidate and remove some items; for example, maybe map only artifacts dealing with water, or only artifacts trying to change people’s behavior.

Stacie also emphasized looking for patterns, and asking myself whether the patterns give me ideas for my project or create new questions. She reminded me to stay focused on my core thesis questions while doing these mappings… and if I do end up deviating, to understand why.

Other accomplishments during the past week: I closed out my survey and read over some of the answers, but didn’t yet go in-depth into the findings. I sent out 7 journals to participants and will be getting those back during the next week.

My goals for the next week:

  • finish up mapping artifacts and try to see how this activity is helping me move forward
  • go through the surveys in detail and get the key points (and new questions that arise)
  • go through the journals when I get them back; see how they relate to the survey results and if I still have questions that need to be answered through interviews with participants
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