October 28 thesis meeting

Today, I showed Stacie the results of my survey (part 1, see previous post) and a few sketches I have done. We talked about ways I can continue with the sketches and how I can use sketching to visualize the results of my journals. We also discussed that I am at a point where I can start creating “pieces” of communication materials, which I will test out with participants at the end of the month.

I sort of gave up on mapping artifacts. For now, I think I need to focus my time and energies elsewhere.

Goals for the next week:

  1. Continue sketching!
  2. Visualize findings from my journals—perhaps mapping each participants’ journey through the week along a timeline, for example
  3. Start coming up with some ideas for prototypes

The third goal is the most intimidating… but Stacie has suggesting treating “prototypes” not as directly representational of the final product, but rather as a way of testing ideas and theories, in order to inform the final product.

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