Survey results: part 1

Here are the results of my survey questions dealing with people’s behavior, visualized in a concept-mapping style. Click on the photos to enlarge.


  • Questions and answers: Blue post-its
  • Reasons given: Yellow post-its
  • Demographics: Green post-its
  • Percentages = the percentage from within the category, not the percentage of all survey-takers (e.g. 26% of those who drink tap water drink it because it’s free)

Answers to the question: Do you drink tap water?

Answers to the question: Do you drink bottled water?

Answers to questions about recycling

Of course, the reasons bring up many more questions. A survey is just a start, not a deep-dive. For example, some questions I’m now asking include:

Are environmentally-friendly activities emotional? If not, should they be?

Would emotions increase behavior?

I think social norms are important: how can I get to the heart of whether social norms influence people’s choice to drink bottled water?

Can or should I try to utilize social norms in my final project?

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