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Mental Notes cards by Stephen P. Anderson

Last week I received the pack of Mental Notes cards that I ordered for our graduate studio. The cards, designed by Stephen P. Anderson, are lovely—they come beautifully packaged in an embossed box, they’re nicely designed, and each card features … Continue reading

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Contextual inquiry interviews

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be interviewing people in their homes. Being in the participants’ environment will not only allow me to talk with them, but also to take photographs of where they keep things like waste, recycling, and … Continue reading

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November 18 thesis meeting

I can’t believe how quickly this semester is going by. During this meeting, Stacie and I talked about my upcoming interviews, and Stacie helped me decide on a few images to cut from the probe. We also discussed some ways … Continue reading

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Artifact grouping, take 2

I decided to take a second stab at grouping artifacts. I feel that this time I was much more successful. Instead of placing artifacts along a scatterplot chart, I came up with different themes (based on the medium or the … Continue reading

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Summarizing my journal findings

I had 6 individuals participate in my journal activity—two women and four men. Three participants were between 25 and 30 years old, and three were in their 30s. The journals asked the participants about daily water-drinking behavior. They were also … Continue reading

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Model: Behavioral Predictors

P. Wesley Schultz wrote a chapter in New Tools and Environmental Protection entitled “Knowledge, Information, and Household Recycling: Examining the Knowledge-Deficit Model of Behavior Change.” Here, he brings up the idea that characteristics that predict behavior can be divided into … Continue reading

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November 4 thesis meeting

During this group meeting, we discussed the upcoming poster session, and I showed Stacie and my classmates a few text prototypes that I created, using different emotional tones. I also created a diagram to show the types of messages I … Continue reading

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