November 4 thesis meeting

During this group meeting, we discussed the upcoming poster session, and I showed Stacie and my classmates a few text prototypes that I created, using different emotional tones.

I also created a diagram to show the types of messages I was thinking out; the amount of information, emotional tone, and whether the information was text-only or contained images. I don’t think I need to follow this to the letter, but it helped me to see how many options I had to present information. The group helped me see that I could remove a few of these. The negative emotional tones are unnecessary because my research has already found that they do not work, and the graphs and long article are not what I am primarily interested in (for now).


Diagramming the different ways of presenting information, for testing purposes


Goals for next week:

  1. Write summaries of my readings from “New Tools for Environmental Protection.” I think these will prove especially helpful for my prototypes.
  2. Finish sketching the journal findings (I had a little trouble with this last week)
  3. Look at the readings I’ve done so far and pick out the communication strategies known to be successful
  4. Narrow down on text and images to test with people
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