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Plan for next research activity

I’m moving into the prototyping and testing stage. In December, I found that people are drawn toward images and text based on their interests (for example, animals, nature, or exercising), and based on their preferred rhetorical style. For example, do … Continue reading

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Beginnings of Design Recommendations

In December, along with my contextual interviews, I tested out some prototypes. I use “prototype” here loosely, meaning that I showed participants images and texts related to bottled water, and asked them a series of questions about their reactions. Images … Continue reading

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Findings from December contextual interviews

During the last weeks of the semester, I interviewed 7 people: 3 women and 4 men, ages 23–33. You can read and see details about the interview setup here. After some evaluation, I became aware of 3 key themes: Efficiency, … Continue reading

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The real problem (as I see it)

Last spring, when I was writing my thesis proposal, I searched for research in the field of design about creating persuasive communications for environmental causes. I found very little. This is not to say that such research doesn’t exist, but … Continue reading

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Insights from the Poster Session

During the poster session, I talked to many people about my project, the research I’ve done, and the questions I’ll be trying to answer going forward. Nothing earth-shattering came up—which is a good thing—but of course there were a few … Continue reading

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