Plan for next research activity

I’m moving into the prototyping and testing stage. In December, I found that people are drawn toward images and text based on their interests (for example, animals, nature, or exercising), and based on their preferred rhetorical style. For example, do they like highly emotional messages? Or neutral ones with practical advice?

I’m curious as to how these interests and preferences could affect behavior, if they are used to tailor a communication design campaign. So, I’ve come up with a new question which I will be testing out in my next study:

How does an environmental campaign affect a person’s behavior when tailored to his or her interests and preferred rhetorical style?

Plan for my next participant research study (click to view larger)

I created a colorful diagram to show how my 2-week study will play out. Not just because it looks nice, but because the study will be a bit complex. The plan shows how each part of the study will answer a particular part of my question.

I need to measure actual behavior change, which I’ll do by texting participants every day for one week. I also need to find out how the design actually plays a role in that change (or lack thereof). In addition, some participants will receive a brand-new reusable bottle after viewing the campaign, and some won’t. This will help me see whether this type of nudge, when combined with the communication piece, will affect behavior more than the communication piece by itself.

In addition to designing the campaign (!) I also need to write the questions which I’ll use to tailor the communication piece to the participants. Looks like I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.

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