Communication Piece Variables

During my study, each participant will view a communication piece, based on their answers to a pre-survey, and each communication piece will contain a mixture of 3 major variables (one from each category):

  • Medium: interactive or motion
  • Tone: humorous, matter-of-fact, or dramatic
  • Topic: animals, waste and efficiency, or money

For example, a participant might see a humorous motion piece about animals, or a dramatic interactive piece about waste and efficiency.

In addition to these major variables, there are other details that I must consider when making the pieces. In order to visualize the similarities and differences, I’ve created a matrix. I plan to use this matrix as a checklist to use as I gather everything I need to create the communication pieces. I hope it will also come in handy for my thesis documentation to visualize my design process. (Click image below to view larger)

Matrix showing which variables are the SAME and which are DIFFERENT for each piece

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