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The real problem (as I see it)

Last spring, when I was writing my thesis proposal, I searched for research in the field of design about creating persuasive communications for environmental causes. I found very little. This is not to say that such research doesn’t exist, but … Continue reading

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Model: Behavioral Predictors

P. Wesley Schultz wrote a chapter in New Tools and Environmental Protection entitled “Knowledge, Information, and Household Recycling: Examining the Knowledge-Deficit Model of Behavior Change.” Here, he brings up the idea that characteristics that predict behavior can be divided into … Continue reading

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Thesis readings on the whiteboard

I began filling a whiteboard with my thesis readings. So far, I have 27 separate readings, of which I have read 19 (8 to go, and I’m sure there will be more to come!). My thesis topic lies at the … Continue reading

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September 23 thesis meeting

Today during our group meeting we discussed some of the literature we’ve been reading. Although I have somewhat refined my thesis to deal less with persuasion and more with presenting information, my readings during the past few weeks have been … Continue reading

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About this thesis project

In May 2011, I graduated from the Master of Design program at Carnegie Mellon. Over the past years, I developed a deep personal interest in environmental causes. This led me to wonder how information about the environment can be used to … Continue reading

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Revised Thesis Proposal

This summer, I was especially influenced by reading Persuasive Technology by B.J. Fogg and The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change by Gregory R. Maio and Geoffrey Haddock. Both readings, while very different, helped me think about just what I … Continue reading

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Refining the proposal

I learned a great deal about affinity diagramming during the past year, both in Graduate Studio 2 and while working for MAYA over the summer. Stumped on how to refine my proposal, I turned to this technique to help me … Continue reading

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