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Presentation of latest research findings

While in San Francisco during spring break, I presented the current state of my thesis project at a local design agency’s “Lunch and Learn.” This was a great chance for me to practice presenting my work in front of a … Continue reading

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Communication Piece Variables

During my study, each participant will view a communication piece, based on their answers to a pre-survey, and each communication piece will contain a mixture of 3 major variables (one from each category): Medium: interactive or motion Tone: humorous, matter-of-fact, … Continue reading

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Plan for next research activity

I’m moving into the prototyping and testing stage. In December, I found that people are drawn toward images and text based on their interests (for example, animals, nature, or exercising), and based on their preferred rhetorical style. For example, do … Continue reading

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Beginnings of Design Recommendations

In December, along with my contextual interviews, I tested out some prototypes. I use “prototype” here loosely, meaning that I showed participants images and texts related to bottled water, and asked them a series of questions about their reactions. Images … Continue reading

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Findings from December contextual interviews

During the last weeks of the semester, I interviewed 7 people: 3 women and 4 men, ages 23–33. You can read and see details about the interview setup here. After some evaluation, I became aware of 3 key themes: Efficiency, … Continue reading

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Contextual inquiry interviews

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be interviewing people in their homes. Being in the participants’ environment will not only allow me to talk with them, but also to take photographs of where they keep things like waste, recycling, and … Continue reading

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Summarizing my journal findings

I had 6 individuals participate in my journal activity—two women and four men. Three participants were between 25 and 30 years old, and three were in their 30s. The journals asked the participants about daily water-drinking behavior. They were also … Continue reading

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