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Plan for next research activity

I’m moving into the prototyping and testing stage. In December, I found that people are drawn toward images and text based on their interests (for example, animals, nature, or exercising), and based on their preferred rhetorical style. For example, do … Continue reading

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Summarizing my journal findings

I had 6 individuals participate in my journal activity—two women and four men. Three participants were between 25 and 30 years old, and three were in their 30s. The journals asked the participants about daily water-drinking behavior. They were also … Continue reading

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Decision tree: should I drink bottled water?

I am beginning to play around with sketching out processes, relationships, and structures related to my thesis project. Stacie lent me Napkin Sketch Workbook by Don Moyer, which has some great ideas in it. After looking through my survey results, … Continue reading

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